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My Eliza Do-a-lot
By Mr Higgins

My Eliza doesn’t do a little, she does a lot
She’s the brightest star, a budding rose, a forget me not
Sometimes she’s loud, unpredictable and misses a H or two
But educating Eliza I realize is what I’m here to do

My Eliza Do-a-lot can talk for the country
Her mind is alive with a million ideas
She never ceases to freak out or surprise me
Her imagination isn’t squashed by her fears

My ears bleed sometimes when I’m with Eliza
There are tantrums, explosions and tears
If ever she goes quiet I get very worried
Because losing Eliza Do-a-lot is one of my fears

It’s been said that my Eliza is beneath me
She’s common, goby and dumb
But to all those that share that opinion
She says stick that opinion up your bum!

By Rachel Roussell


A bench with a view

We look out to sea, holding hands and feel the sea breeze on our faces
We have travelled the world, seen the sights and wonders and beautiful places
We have cried together, counted our blessings and watched our loved ones grow
We sit on our bench with a view, sharing memories that we’ll only know
Our hands are aging, our faces are changing but our love is always there
We know our days are numbered; we acknowledge our achievements and love that we share

By Rachel Roussell


What is time?

Life is a curious thing and we stand the test of time
Timeless moments, time stands still but moves again in time
Life is one big lesson that we are learning all the time
Right time, wrong time, the clock is ticking, keep an eye on time

Every time I take time to think on times gone by
Happy times and sad times that sometimes make me cry
Life is all about balance, you will get there in good time
Where does all my time go? It comes from time to time.

By Rachel Roussell

What teachers talk about at school?

Teachers and internet dating is getting popular at school
They step out of the class, to gossip in the hall
'How was it Saturday, was he really smart?'
'No, I could tell he was boring right from the start.'

'What about Mark Smith's dad? He's single I hear.'
'No, I can't date a parent, the head has made that clear.'
'How about the new science teacher he's a real looker'
'I might give up and just become the village hooker'

Twenty teachers in the staff room chatting over tea
Wondering which one of them would be the next divorcee
Four happily married, four not that sure
Two certainly having affairs and maybe even more

Mrs Salcom declared 'my husband wouldn't stray'
Little did she know he was having an affair with Miss O'Shea
'He obviously adores you' comforted Mrs Smart
But even she knew about her husband and the tart

'Miss Trumble' said the secretary 'I believe this is yours.'
She shoved a parcel through the staff room doors
The pretty PE teacher blushed as she reached out to grab it
'Anne Summers in on the box, is it a Rampant Rabbit?'

The science teacher was in the room and took a mug of tea
'You could all do with a good sorting if you ask me'
'Mr Worthington what are you implying?'
'Well if you're telling me you're all getting it then you're clearly lying.'

 By Rachel Roussell


Grandpa's gift

I asked my mum and dad one day if I could have a puppy
Dad shook his head, I stamped my feet then said he didn't love me
I had a plan a puppy plan and told my grandpa Joe
I said.. 'it was a surprise for mum and that she couldn't know.'

'Are you sure?' he asked. 'Your dad agreed? I really am surprised'
'But grandpa Joe, it was dad's idea and a plan he has devised'
'Dad said you knew someone with dog that had just had a puppy'
I told dad 'it was perfect timing and mum was really lucky'

Grandpa Joe rang my dad to ask if it was true
'Little Molly, you told a fib and your parents never knew'
'But grandpa, don't see? Mum must have been in the room'
'We need to get that puppy and get it very soon'

He looked at me with suspicious eyes so I kissed him on the cheek
I melted him and we agreed we would get it in the week
My puppy plan worked very well but grandpa was really miffed
For when I showed my dad the puppy I said it was a 'grandpa gift'

By Rachel Roussell


I'm just mad about Alice!

I'm just mad about Alice, what can I say?
I'm a Hatter you see! Mad in e-ver-y way!
I can paint, I can write, no limitations are there
I'm just mad about Alice
And I don't really care!

Hatters are mad but what can I say?
I'm just mad about Alice in e-ver-y way!
To me she's an angel and away she should fly
My Alice, my angel, my beautiful butterfly.

By Rachel Roussell


I missed you in my sleep last night.....

I missed you in my sleep last night although you lay beside me
You hold my hand as we drift off whilst you tell me that you love me
I dream of places strange and real then wake up right beside you
But I missed you in my sleep last night although I lay beside you

There are different kinds of love out there some pure, some undecided
The definition of love compares and with our feelings we are guided
A burning passion, a grip on hope, a touch, a look, some words
I missed you in my sleep last night although you lay beside me

You hold my hand and comfort me, listen, share and whisper
I missed you in my sleep last night for 'I love you', that I whisper.

By Rachel Roussell


Diamonds are a girl's best friend

A need and a want for a woman
A man on a mission, a search
Precious stones and memorable moments
A question, the ring then the church

Her hair, her face, her complexion
Her smile, her touch, her perfume
In my eyes she's 'woman perfection'
A diamond that lights up my room

Her neck is dressed with a fountain
A string of tear drops dazzling all
A bracelet, a bangle, some earings
But now, I feel such a fool

My diamond princess is restless
She travels, she shops and she cries
No children play in our garden
The phone calls, the late nights, the lies

My money and our love is distinguished
My hand feels no grip or loving touch
My 'woman perfection' is missing
I want her, I need her so much

She comes in then the champagne is flowing
Smelling of some other man's aftershave
Of course I know there's something happening
To challenge her, I'm really not that brave

I'm old now but she is still sparkling
There's something different about my princess
Our marriage is a sad, sad situation
My heart is crushed, an unfix-able mess

One day she came home and was sparkling
A diamond ring she wore but not mine
This woman, a trickster, so deceitful
A fight, a wrestle, a terrible time

She packed up and left with her diamonds
She was drunk drove off a cliff on a bend
She died alone with no one beside her
Those diamonds were her only best friend.

By Rachel Roussell


The red gloves

'A gift' he said as he handed me the box
'I'm sorry do I know you?' I asked

Who is this man that is smiling at me?
This stranger, this person talking confidently
He is tall, mysterious and curiously charming
But I find his insistence slightly alarming

'Open it!' he tells me and overwhelmed I do
Red gloves lay before me from a man I never knew
'Put them on!' he tells me and astonished I do
Red guardians on my hands were before me

'Your my valentine!' he tells me then he smiles,
walks away
I'm excited and enchanted for the rest of the day
A blizzard came then, but my hands were not cold
I thought of the man so handsome and bold

'May I sit here?' A voice said out of the blue
He had returned the next day with intentions she knew
'I have another gift for you' he said with a laugh
I blushed as he handed me a beautiful red scarf

We walked in the snow, we were strangers mesmerized
Talking, agreeing so much to my surprise
Dinners, dancing, romance, all good fun
A wonderful relationship had just begun

I wear my red gloves with a surprise underneath
A ring, an engagement, a devoted love, a belief
A marriage, some children, but that wasn't that
For the following Valentine he bought me a red hat.

By Rachel Roussell

A mother's role

I'm here, I'm existing, I have a role to do
A choice I made, created life, I created you
I cradled you, I combed your hair and kissed
your tiny feet
Food I fed and games I played and pleased
you with a treat

I swang you around, we sat and drew, to school
you had to go
I helped you read, I baked the cakes, told you things
that you should know
Driving miles, wiping tears, hugs and kisses too
I'm here, I'm existing, I have a role to do

A boyfriend comes, a budding love my daughter
grown and content
Wedding bells and baby tears and sleepless nights
came and went
I'm here I'm existing and I have a role to do
A mother, grandmother and great grandmother too

By Rachel Roussell

'Because I love you.'
Because when I saw you, you lit my fire in my shadowed room
The cobwebs on my heart dissolved and a zest for life consumed me
Because when I saw you, you removed the stain from spilt emotions
The suffocating dust expelled and a shine so bright then surfaced
Because when I held your hand we merged, we melted into one another
A dream lived, a vision became clear and a goal absorbed me
Because I love you, a love so pure it glows brighter than the moon.
Why? You ask me
Because you're you.

By Rachel Roussell


My Nanna, my angel..

She held my hand and loved me completely
Her smell, her smile will always stay with me
A woman of substance, a blessing to my life
A nanna, a mother and a devoted wife.

This lady with strength and passion in her care
Her olive skin complexion and her silvery hair
A person of good nature and a heart full of love
My nanna, my angel, watching me from above.

To be with her was calming, she lit up my face
She walked around with elegance and grace
Her scent was a mixture of perfume and apple pie
It was so very unfair that she had to die.

A gift she has given me is the ability to love
Her soul and my soul fitted like a glove
My nanna, my angel looking down on me
When its my time to go, at her side I want to be

I will strive to be like her, I have olive skin and greying hair
I don't walk so gracefully but I have strength and passion in my care
Not sure If I'll be an angel and I don't smell of apple pie
But I hope I'm remembered so lovingly when it's my turn to die.

By Rachel Roussell